Proposal Ideas: How to Propose

It’s the most important question you’ll ever ask, so it’s so important that you plan every little detail ahead of asking those life-changing four words, ‘will you marry me?’. Fear not, as we’re here to help with our marriage proposal idea guide; featuring the best and most romantic ways to propose to your other half, you can decide how to propose in a memorable way that the two of you will never forget.

Our Marriage Proposal Tips

Our Proposal Tips for the Perfect Moment

You’ve got the ring, decided where and how you’d like to propose and thought about what you’re going to say. Now, all that’s left to do is to actually get down on one knee. Our top proposal tips will help you stay as calm as you can on the day.

What To Say When You Propose?

Although these immortal words themselves are enough to melt anyone’s heart, if you want to say more than just ‘will you marry me?’ then our tips on what to say when you propose are just what you need.

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Proposal Ideas and Different Ways to Pop the Question

Planning the perfect wedding proposal can seem daunting, so start with the little things. Make the moment memorable, private and sentimental for the both of you with our top ‘will you marry me?’ ideas and tips on the most romantic ways to propose.

  • 1

    Select a sentimental location

    Whether it’s the place you first met, or somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going together, whisk her away somewhere special before making it even more magical by asking her to marry you.

  • 2

    Capture The Moment

    The moment will go so quickly, so hire a photographer to capture the exact moment she says ‘yes!’. You could even surprise her and present her with the photos on your wedding day for the most memorable proposal idea.

  • 3

    Pick A Significant Date

    We’re talking key dates like Christmas, Valentine’s or anniversaries here. Decide on your special date and then let its significance lead how you ask the question.

  • 4

    Make A Weekend Of It

    Planning a weekend of falling in love all over again is one of the most romantic proposal ideas on our list. A cosy cottage get-away works as well as a whirlwind mini-break, just spend the weekend gazing into each other’s eyes before asking her to spend her life with you.

  • 5

    A Romantic Treasure Hunt

    Perfect for those who love an air of mystery, leave a romantic trail of clues that ends with your marriage proposal.

  • 6

    Incorporate Your Song

    It could be background music in a romantic proposal at home, or performed spontaneously in her favourite park; what’s important is that the song that says everything about your relationship so far will be playing as you get down on one knee.

  • 7

    Photo Memories

    A simple, yet oh-so-special proposal idea, fill a room with photos of your memories together; then, when she’s had a chance to take it all in, ask her to help you plan lifetime of adventures with you.

  • 8

    Reach For The Stars

    Just right for summer or destination proposals, plan a private proposal with an evening of champagne and stargazing together, before popping the question under the beautiful night sky.

  • 9

    Make A Statement

    If you’re sure she likes the limelight, planning an announcement at a concert will ensure your proposal really steals the show.

  • 10

    Milestone Movie

    It is the digital age after all. Record some special moments together and make a montage that ends with the big question.

Need More Proposal Inspiration?

Proposals Gone Viral

Our real-life stories are perfect for giving you all the inspiration you need on how to propose. We found the most unique, romantic and pure genius proposal ideas on YouTube. Prepare for some heart-warming engagement stories…

1. Romantic flash mob

A glass of wine at an Italian restaurant turns into the most unforgettable moment of this bride-to-be’s life. She truly had no idea the beautiful a cappella group and violins were only for her as she sat waiting. It’s only when her other half comes out, guitar in his arms, that the floods of happy tears start. Be warned – they’re infectious.

2. Romeo and Juliet

He’s a theatre director. She loves the theatre. There’s only one thing for it – hire out an entire theatre space and hire actors to act out her favourite scene from Romeo and Juliet. Everything from the fairy lights and candles to the string quartet are completely perfect – her reaction says it all.

3. ‘He said yes'

Your proposal story will be told to friends and strangers for the rest of your lives – and these guys certainly have a beauty of a tale. A police officer broke rank during London LBGT Pride 2016 parade to get down on one knee and propose to his partner. Completely touching and impossibly beautiful.

4. The 19:57 from Euston

The surprise is in the unassuming location for this one: the 19:57 overground train to Watford Junction, to be precise. Like a scene from a movie, this guy got an entire tube carriage to sing Bill Withers ‘Lovely Day’ spontaneously before proposing to his girlfriend – who was completely unaware the whole thing was arranged for her until she saw him.

5. Marry Me Fireworks

A proposal as dreamy as this one guarantees a YES. It all started at a luxury hotel, where the lucky girlfriend was showered in romantic love notes attached to roses throughout the day by staff. After dinner, her final note told her to go outside. There, on a fishing lodge by the lake, were thousands of fairy lights and candles – followed by a firework display and famous opera singer. The finale will take your breath away…

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