How To Get Your
Watch Size Right

The size of a watch can make a big difference to its overall look and feel. Use this Watch Size Guide to help you find the right watch size for you, which includes a bracelet size guide and a watch case size guide.

Free Watch Adjustments

We want to ensure your watch fits perfectly, which is why we offer free adjustments on some of our bracelet watches.

For online orders, we can adjust the bracelet on OMEGA, TAG Heuer, TUDOR and Breitling watches before we despatch to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

We’ve listed the standard bracelet sizes for each brand below. Use our size guide below to find your wrist size and enter it in during checkout.

If you can’t find your wrist size in the options, please contact Customer Services on 0800 169 2329. Alternatively, you can select ‘Do Not Size’ and head to your nearest store to get it fitted.

Brand Gents (mm) Ladies (mm)
TAG Heuer 190-200 170-180
Omega 200 160
Breitling 190-200 180
Tudor 190-200 170

Watch Bracelet Size Guide

Find Your Bracelet Size

This printable guide will help you find out your wrist circumference for correct bracelet sizing. There are different types of straps and bracelets, which require different sizing.

Metal Bracelets: Watches with a metal bracelet can be resized by removing or adding the metal links.

Pop into your nearest store and we’ll custom size your watch to ensure it’s a perfect fit.


Leather/Nato straps: Watches with a leather or nato strap come with punched holes, so you can adjust the size yourself.

View The Bracelet Size Guide

Watch Case Size Guide

Find Your Case Size

The watch case is the part of the watch that houses the dial, battery, movement and other working parts. It’s the heart, soul and body of your timepiece, and is the part that gets most attention. So, it’s good to buy the size that’s right for you.

Tips on how to buy the right watch size:

  • If you’re looking for an oversized look, these tend to be watches with a case size of over 45mm. Anything over 46mm is a very big and powerful presence on the wrist.
  • A case size of 38mm and below is for those who want a refined and elegant look, and tends to be where ladies watches come in.
  • A medium or average case is somewhere between 38mm and 42mm.

Use this guide to help you get an idea of how your watch will look on your wrist. Print at normal size, cut out your desired case size and place it around your wrist.

View The Case Size Guide

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